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- organizes qualification improvement events;
- prepares and offers qualification improvement programs;
- organizes and coordinates the methodological activities of education workers;
- provides opportunities for education workers to accumulate and spread pedagogical and managerial experience;
- organizes various competitions, Olympiads and other events for students;
- prepares projects and participates in them;
- accumulates a bank of educational experience and pedagogical literature;
- organizes and implements the distribution of pedagogical literature and methodological tools to district educational institutions;
- coordinates professional information, counseling and orientation of students in the district;
- studies the needs and demand for qualification improvement and other educational services;
- informs the public about the development of qualifications, competences,
- the possibilities of meeting the needs of self-development and self-education;
- advises on the preparation of qualification improvement programs and projects;
- cooperates with other domestic and foreign non-formal adult education institutions.

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